Bistro Szarlotta Poznań

Lunch w centrum Poznania Przyjęcia do 60 osób w Poznaniu

About us

Bistro Szarlotta  is a place run by people with passion who want to create a place combining urban chic with a warm atmosphere. The combination of tasty cuisine, a well-equipped bar and the smell of our coffe builds an image of the place where our guests can feel comfortable and most of all-the place they want to come back, no matter if they come for a quick snack during the day, enjoy a glass of wine in the evening or eat a dinner selected from the menu composed with great ingenuity.

It is also a family business, based on a harmonious team, which is a mix of personalities that builds the nature of “Szarlotta”. The bistro was created by the married couple Natalia and Sławek, who successfully combine opposite poles of energy and enthusiasm as well as internal peace and calm both in life and in business.

Paweł the chef the cook take care of our guests’ satisfacion. Besides, there is Asia, a full of enthusiasm manager who is responsible for well functioning ot the bistro. The whole is complemented by a decor based on loose elegance, taht makes the Bistro Szarlotta a unique palce worth visiting while walking along the streets of the Old Market Square in Poznań.

We arrange

  • Przyjęcia rodzinne
  • Bankiety
  • Chrzciny
  • Przyjęcia Weselne
  • Imprezy Firmowe
  • Wigilie Firmowe
  • Komunie
  • Oraz wszystkie przyjęcia na indywidualne życzenie do 60 osób
Wszystkie nasze sale są klimatyzowane.
W celu ustalenia menu prosimy o kontakt pod nr tel. 662 642 764 lub wysłanie zapytania na info@szarlotta.pl.


Bistro Szarlotta

Bistro Szarlotta

Świętosławska 12 street
61-840 Poznań

t.: (+48) 662 642 764
e.: info@szarlotta.pl

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