Szarlotta Restaurant
english menu

Gęsina na Marcina - specjalne menu dostępne w dniach 10-13 listopada 2022

  • Rosół z gęsi 21

    warzywa julienne, kluski francuskie

  • Konfitowana wątróbka gęsia 43

    puree z jabłka, pieczona pyza, karmelizowana czerwona cebula

  • Pierogi z gęsiną 39

    żurawina, kwaśna śmietana, prażona cebulka

  • Rogal marciński 19


We serve breakfast: Tuesday-Friday 9:00-12:00 and Saturday-Sunday 9:00-13:00. Click the picture below to zoom it:


  • Smoked beef tartar 37

    pickled cucumber, French mustard, herb oil, truffle mayo, pickled onion, pickled shimeji mushrooms

  • Quality vegan tartar 37

    pickled cucumber, French mustard, herb oil, truffle vegan mayo, pickled onion, pickled shimeji mushrooms

  • Potato with Poznan-style quark cheese 23

    grilled hasselback potato, crème fraiche, compressed cucumber, pickled onion, garden herbs, herb oil, mushroom powder


  • Caesar salad 36

    grilled chicken breast, bacon, romaine lettuce, croutons, Caesar dressing, tender cheese, vinaigrette

  • Salad with spicy watermelon 34

    chilli, mint, rocket, red vegetables and fruit, raspberry and pepper dressing, balsamico


  • Homemade chicken soup 14,90

    orzo pasta, carrot, parsley

  • Minestrone 15,90

    vegetables, tomatoes, orzo pasta, tender cheese

Main dishes

  • Pork neck steak 39

    fried cabbage with dill, mashed potatoes with onion

  • Cabbage rolls stuffed with perl barley and vegetables 39

    tomato sauce, glazed vegetables

  • Green pork frikadelle 39

    mashed potatoes, beets

  • Beef cheeks braised with cherry vodka 56

    Silesian-style dumplings, beets, gravy

  • Trout fillet 59

    lemon and thyme sauce, couscous with spinach and dried tomatoes, blanched vegetables

  • Tagliatelle with bacon and broad bean 37

    cream sauce, tender cheese

  • Long roasted bacon 43

    hasselback potato, cucumber salad with marinated carrot, peanuts, chilli and bacon dressing

  • Pulled beef burger 49

    bacon, cucumber in brine, romaine lettuce, tomato, sriracha mayo, cheese nachos; served with baked potatoes and aioli

  • Chicken fillet with pesto and bacon 44

    coconut polenta, mista verde salad

  • Pierogi with duck meat filling (6 pcs) 37

    with bacon powder

  • Pierogi with goat cheese filling (6 pcs) 35

    Pierogi with potato, cottage cheese and blue cheese stuffing

For the little ones

  • Crepes 29

    with vanilla quark and fruit (3 pcs)

  • Dumplings with tomato sauce 26
  • Breaded chicken stripes 29

    with mashed potatoes and carrot


  • Pear pie 23

    with ginger and a scoop of craft ice-cream

  • Sour cream jelly 19

    citrus jellybean, ground pepper,biscuit, rosemary honey, roasted white chocolate

  • Rhubarb mousse 18

    butter crumble, fruit sauce

  • Ice-cream cup 23

    three scoops of ice-cream, whipped cream, fresh fruit

English menu Szarlotta Restaurant

Snacks menu

  • Vege snack for 2 people 38

    selection of humus, vegetables, bread

  • Country-style cold cuts plate for 2 44

    Polish-style sausage, lard, cucumbers in brine, roasted bacon, quark, kabanos dry sausage, pate, bread, 2 shots of vodka